A letter to myself


How are you? I heard you were having trouble in the past few months. I hope you are doing well today. Do you remember the time we used to be happy? Do you remember those places that we used to visit together? So this is my advice to you:

1- I want you to write down everything that triggers you.

2- Picture the exact place you always wanted to be, and that make you very happy.

3-Remind yourself you are the greatest.

4- know your worth.

5- Live your life.

Amanda Gorman Delivers a Poem at the SuperBowl

Courtesy to Getty Images

Amanda Gorman is just 22 but she is unstoppable. She gets the knowledge, the words, and she can evoke emotion. The poet again gives a breathtaking poem at the SuperBowl but this time is for similar purposes.

Read more here : https://meo97.org/2021/02/07/poetry-at-the-superbowl/

Chadwick Boseman Makes History at the SAG awards 2021

Courtesy to Netflix

After the passing of the great actor, it seems like the world still misses him. Nevertheless he earns four nomination at the SAG awards and we can’t wait to see him for the Oscar as well.

Read more here: https://meo97.org/2021/02/06/chadwick-boseman-makes-history-at-the-sag-award-nomination-2021/

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